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He showed up in Mexico high as a kite and was arrested by police in the village they were filming. The next film in Santiago's Nam actioners was THE expendables (1988 followed by NAM angels (1988). What could have (and should have) been an interesting continuation of the Scott/Billy dynamic is turned into a generic and disappointing action flick with one of the worst cop-out finales (setting it up for another sequel which, fortunately, never materialized) in action film history. Charles doesn't believe that his brother is dead and is out to prove that Rick, who disappeared during a top secret raid he participated in with his brother in Vietnam years earlier, is still alive, despite a letter his mother. Under any title (which also includes hitmen, hired TO kill and mafia boss this is a worthwhile film to add to your collection. When Ransom sites de rencontre gratuits en saint herblain arrives at the safehouse, Vic and the agents have yet to leave and Vic is kidnapped by Kramet, who followed Ransom to the safehouse by helicopter with a bunch of black-clad ninjas. The squad finally rescue the General, but not before Mai, Ellis, Benson and Rayo (who comes down with a case of tunnel fever) are all killed, either by the enemy or at their own squad's hands. . There are also plenty of gunfights, a real sappy song plays on the sountrack while Steve searches for Doris (the lyrics repeat the phrase, "Get my baby back" over and over Gordon Mitchell has a role here that isn't. explosions, gunfire and hand-to-hand combat to achieve his retribution. Tiger has no choice but to stay and rescue his daughter.

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Can Ransom rescue Vic, escape from Huan To's compound and romance Rosanna without getting his damn fool head blown off? so he has three brawny wrestlers try to beat her. THE kidnap OF mary LOU in the United States.) Guilio shows no emotion as he blows away anyone who gets in his way, friends included. Also known as platoon TO hell. It's not awful, it's just that I expected more than what the final product delivered. A fortune in diamonds is stolen in a daring heist in a highrise building, where Sam (Samuel Hui) crashes through an office window while sliding down a wire, grabs the suitcase containing the diamonds during an exchange between Chinese. One funny running gag concerns a double-jointed Smilie copping pain pills from an apprehensive film doctor, each time telling him, "This is the last time, I promise." Actress Deborah Morehart would later change her name to Hunter Tylo and appear in soap operas. The Captain reveals that a French traitor named Bernard is supplying the enemy with weapons, so the Captain and Lieutenant head alone into the jungle to find Bernard, not to kill him, but to make him an offer. Custer has witnessed the after-effects of the Phantom Soldiers (his commanding officer has a collection of tattooed skulls back at base camp so he disobeys direct orders and hunts down the phantom platoon with his own squad of soldiers, which.

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