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of editors, intending to improve rather than to influence a discussion and while avoiding excessive cross-posting. RHS The right-hand side of the main page. Wolf vote A vote on Wikipedia which seems to be cast just to go against the flow. The term retarget is also frequently used. Bot A program that automatically or semi-automatically adds or edits Wikipedia-pages. Laundry list See Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Embedded lists and Wikipedia:WikiProject Laundromat. rencontre adulte sex vivastreet rencontre adulte Also sometimes used as an abbreviation for WikiProject. Infobox A consistently formatted table which is present in articles with a common subject. 2RR Voluntary or imposed two-revert rule. See also free link and piped link. An orphaned image is an image with no links from any pages at all. Mop A term used to refer to administrator duties (compare Janitor ). Container category A category which is intended to contain only subcategories, and have no articles (other than perhaps a Key article ) placed. Sort key A device to make an article file alphabetically (in a category or other list of articles) other than by the article title,.g., "John Smith" under "Smith, John or "The Who" under "Who, The". "s/word1/word2 means "replace all occurrences of word1 with word2" ( s stands for "substitute. Isolated, isolated article An isolated article is an article that cannot be reached via a series of links from the Main Page. rencontre adulte sex vivastreet rencontre adulte

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