Recontres baar

recontres baar

, montignies-sur-Sambre, Hainaut 5 photos soleil1212, 59 ans. MIT-educated technical and software consultant. Highly experienced expert witness in patent and technology litigations. Areas of expertise include touchscreen and tablet hardware, capacitive touch and proximity sensors. Comment faire de nouvelles rencontres amoureuses Saint-trond - Sint-Truiden railway station Hot Play - traffic statistics Club d echangisme namen, recontres libertines rencontre adulte puy de dome recontre libertine site rencontre gratuit pour les hommes. Site de rencontre gratuit pour discuter et rencontrer de nombreux célibataires près de chez vous. Termes manquants : montreal saint herblain. Compare with Anoto, and with Digimark filing "Protection of Identification Documents using Open Cryptography" WardJR04. Shows simulated documents/papers stacked: compare with Wang Freestyle (which was single-user)? Neonode04a m "Neonode N1 Quick Start Guide m, 2004 Cellphone with optical touch screen. 15-23 Tactile/haptic feedback for the blind/visual-impaired: frequency, amplitude, duration, pattern, location of tactile pulse. Milekic05 Milekic, Slavoljub "User Interface for Removing an Object from a Display US Patent 6,920,619, July 19, 2005 User interface via direct manipulation on a touchscreen: in particular a gesture-like flick (rapid motion) results in object being "thrown away". MandrykRL05a Mandryk, Regan.; Rodgers, Malcom.; and Inkpen, Kori. Prototype has.1 inch (2.54mm) resolution/pitch, resolution can be much higher, 30 millisecond minimum response time of single transistor. quot;s Leonard (Leonid) Kitainik of Paragraph, Apple Newton, m,. GuimbretiereF05a Guimbretiere, Francois; Martin, Andrew; and Winograd, Terry "Benefits of Merging Command Selection and Direct Manipulation ACM Trans. HotellingSP05a Hotelling, Steve; Strickon, Josha.; and Huppi, Brian.

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recontres baar

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"Light Emitting Stylus and User Input Device Using Same US Patent Application 2005/0110781, May 26, 2005 Optical digitizer, stylus emits collimated light (e.g. And Helot, Jacques,. SignerB05a Signer, Beat "Fundamental Concepts for Interactive Paper and Cross-Media Information Spaces PhD Thesis, ETH Dissertation 16218, Switzerland, 2005 Thesis on general topic of electronic paper / digitally augmented paper / smart paper: Paper pen technology: also Seiko InkLink acoustic (sonic) digitizer. In description, lists example gestures and their semantics:.g. And Booth, Kellogg.

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Icmi '04, October 13-15, 2004, State College. On Artificial Intelligence, 2004, pp 450.456 Tests of ladder sketch recognition language using shape of drawn object, not pen/tablet dynamics, bounding box, etc. "Radiolocation System Having Writing Pen Application US Patent 6,747,599, June 8, 2004 Touchscreen/tablet, stylus/pen has radio-transmitters at both ends (erasure end and writing tip four receivers at corners of display (or below it, or on corners of housing). BixlerC05a Bixler, Craig "List-bar interface control apparatus and method US Patent Application 2005/0273778, December 8, 2005 Combine menu and toolbar (compare Microsoft Ribbon?) for novice/expert users in GUI. Zyniker: einer, der den Glauben an das Böse im Menschen noch nicht verloren hat. Hypothesizes home row key locations based on touches, uses best match. Mutoh05 Mutoh "Mutoh Easysign.5 Power Pack for Mutoh, 2005 Drawing/editing program for ink and text (?). Prototype uses optical tracking, colored tags on fingers. IRex05 IRex Technologies "Electronic Reader ER 0100 "iliad m, 2005 EInk display electronic book: 1024x768 display resolution. VogtF04a Vogt, Florian; Chen, Timothy; Hoskinson, Reynald; and Fels, Sidney "A Malleable Surface Touch Interface Proc. Hall effect sensor and magnet detect deflection of key rod for Z/pressure, resistance sensing for Y along rod, X for which rod. MatsushitaN05a Matsushita, Nobuyui; Ayatsuka, Yuji; and Rekimoto, Junichi "Apparatus and method for manipulating a touch-sensitive display panel US Patent 6,958,749, October 25, 2005 Algorithm for recognizing a two-finger (multi-touch) gesture on a resistive-sheet digitizer, where one finger is fixed and the other is moving. EverNote04 m "EverNote - ritePen product information m, 2004 Successor to Paragraph handwriting character recognition for Pen-Windows: Full-screen writing, floating toolbar, editing gestures for capitalization, any Windows application. Golem05 "Wacom stellt elektronischen Stift für PDAs vor ml, 2005 Wacom introduces electronic stylus for PDAs. Mobile Human-Computer Interaction MobileHCI 2004, Glasgow UK, September 13-16, 2004 Conference proceedings: Gesture interfaces on Tilt, Touch, and Text Entry; semantic scrolling. Site de rencontre tiilt forum ostend 529 schaerbeek trans rencontres chicoutimi jonquiere 362, sexe porno 18 ans sans sexe hd 712, echangiste site site gratuit 190 schaerbeek trans rencontres chicoutimi jonquiere, escort gueule lancy. "Wintab cursor mask example program, WinTab backgrounder, WinTab specification.1 m API Description of WinTab tablet digitizer / window management with virtual tablet frames. Paper files mention LED Touch display, touching on a grid of LED diodes, the LEDs also act as photodiodes and detect contact reflection, as digitizer / touchscreen. XThink04a xThink Incorporated "xThink Calculator and Math Journal m, 2004 MathJournal "Classic". See also ieee reference on style definitions. Guimbretiere: Paper augmented digital documents. ACM jcdl '05, June 7-11, 2005, Denver,. LangdonP04a Langdon,.; Keates,.; Clarkson,. WalkerG05a Walker, Geoff "The Last Word: The Future of the Tablet parma incontri bakeca incontri ct PC Pen Computing Magazine / Veritas et Vitus, December 2005,. Huang04 Huang, Gregory. "Pen-based transponder identity verification system US Patent 7,281,135, October 9, 2007 Fingerprint sensor built into writing stylus/pen for user identity authentication. Case studies are Google Earth and Warcraft III.

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