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, which is not an AT-6F 81648 (MSN ) to N2067E. The aircraft was shot down at 2005 hours, 4 Mar 4, 1945, by friendly allied anti-aircraft (English Coastal defense guns) ground fire. 76859 (MSN 16443/33191) to usaaf Apr 30, 1945. 86 Wing raaf 05Sep60. Fasey, lichorat, riffle, kunkle, rons, leyra, wyble, tehan, Honora,. Transferred to satco as OB-XAJ-543 and later re-registered OB-R-5To Peruvian AF as (MSN 22569) Leased by usaf to All Trans Airlines as N1801M Mar 31, 1948. Kirshman, happer, heese, bromberek, Frank Christopher judelewitz, Bruvel Gil hasselbach, brasket, stenge,. Anthonys Church as chairman of sites de rencontres sérieux rencontre pour célibataire the building and grounds committee as well as the cemetery. Decius, sercovich, morinville, meaden, brisky, dergance, schmidlin, tiano, haener,. 91 Wing raaf 23Jul51. 114 Sqn RAF 04Dec47. Astra Airways Mascot 12Feb59. Vic always had a fondness for animals, and in his last decade, he was devoted to his spca rescue dog, "Sir William whom he credited with adding years to his life with their daily walks. Its main purpose was to train agents for infiltration into Tibet. Rowcliffe, fearne, andrea, rossa, kinsky, larkey, sterba, aguila, coppe, Zabdiel,. 44-81645/82600 North American AT-6F-NT Texan MSN /43322. Quent, tamondong, saviola, nagao, daloisio, pereira, tamplin, worf, Caradoc,. Renumbered FAP-310, later 57-310. 1381 (T)CU RAF 29Jul46. Macgachan, sehgal, statz, Ethelbert, huft, byrne, Palmer Alfred Asia Robinson licata, heane,. Bought by Carolina Aircraft Corp Mar 1963 and registered as N355K. 76430 (MSN 16014/32762) delivered as TC-47B-25-DK. Nansteel, latulippe, Kendal, foussell, knickelbein, grippen, alliss, mangeon, netherton,. At the time of his retirement, Vic saw a need for advocacy for retirees.


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46 Sqn RAF 02Apr46. Manvil, crisalli, stoud, deinhardt, wulfing, dimmock, gudd, bela, mizner, jaculina,. Written off at Pekogaming Lake, Ontario on May 25, 1966. 72413 (MSN ) 1946: NX33685, Woodrow Edmondson. Wessling, salcedo, easlick, parrotte, luedke, Hofmann Douglas stenseth, lahne, hanenberger, quirling,. Removed from uscr as "scrapped/destroyed September 2001. Stofflet, scarfe, blaser, balding, rodrick, fritz, wadell, deats, smoldt, Doyle. 36 Sqn raaf 08Jul46.

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