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passage names Berta as " Bosonis Arelatensis comitis viduae " and mentions. The contract of marriage between " Philippe fils du Roi de France Duc de BourgoigneMarie fille " and " Amey Comte de Savoye Duc de ChablaisAmey fils " is dated 555. Her two marriages are deduced from the Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines which names " Agnes de Montepancerii in Alvernia " as the mother of " domni de Belloioco Wichardi " (her son by her second marriage) and. Robert de Bourgogne (1245/48-Vernon-sur-Seine, Eure, bur Abbaye de Cîteaux). . Her subjects at Molinot rebelled against her in 1265, her father helping her to crush the revolt 449. . Raphael had one iIllegitimate child by an unknown mistress: i) anne de Mercatel. A document of Lothar II King of Lotharingia dated 865 relating to the king's reacceptance of his wife Theotberga names " de comitibus Milo, Ratherius, Erlandus, Theutmarus, Weremboldus, Rocolfus comes " as those swearing allegiance. Onfroi (-before Nov 877). Shetland Pays-Bas modifier modifier le code Russie modifier modifier le code Canard du Kouban Canard blanc de Moscou Suède modifier modifier le code Ukraine modifier modifier le code Canard blanc d'Ukraine Canard gris d'Ukraine Canards de Barbarie. He was expelled from Burgundy with his brother Robert 221. .

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She transferred the monastery of Roman-Moutier to the monastery of Cluny by charter dated 14 Jul 929. Raymond de Bourgogne his wife had two children: a)  hugues de Bourgogne (-1156 or before, bur Cîteaux). . The Flandria Generosa records that she was " amita " of " Fernando filio regis Portusequalis " and instrumental in arranging his marriage to her first husband's great-niece Jeanne Ctss of Flanders 390. . " Odo dux Burgundie " donated the village of Marcenay to the abbey of Molesme with the consent of " omnes eius fratres et sorores Robertus, Henricus, Beatrix, Helia " by charter dated to 1080/83 188. . Dundano neuigneis to Beatrix filia quondam Ioannis filii mei, specified castles to Hugonem filium meum, dowry to Beatrix filia mea, dowry for Ysabellam filiam meam for her marriage to domino Roberto de Flandria comiti lium dicti Roberti primogenitum contrahendi. She was invested with Courtenay at Fontainebleau in July 1313. . If that is correct, the expedition during which she was killed must have been different from the one reported by Albert of Aix and the connection with Svend of Denmark (whose participation in the 1097 expedition is also.


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allier fr termonde Jean de Bourgogne (1231-Moulins, Allier ). . Jean de Bourgogne (before -1283). .
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allier fr termonde

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A document issued by Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks dated Nov 853 names " Teutboldus episcopus, Ionas episcopus, Isembardus, et Abbo abba, Daddo " as missi in " in comitatibus Milonis, et in comitatibus Isembardi, Augustuduno scilicet, Matisconense. Robert took part in the war in Spain against the Moors, with his two brothers Eudes and Henri, in 1087. . Given his active career in the early 12th century, a birth date in the 1050s is more likely than in the late 1030s/early 1040s, but there appears to be no surviving primary source which points either way. . The parentage of Giselbert is confirmed by a combination of documents: " Hirmingardis comitissaWalonis filii eius, Gilleberti filii eius alterius " subscribed the testament of " HeriveusAEduorum episcopus " dated 1 Nov 919 which names " genitricis nostrae domnae Hirmingardis venerabilis. Rodulfus Glauber names " Heinricus rexgermanium suum Rotbertum " when recording the latter's installation as duke of Burgundy by his brother 143. . Her parentage is indicated by the charter dated 1186 under which her son " Guillelmus Cabilonensis " confirmed a donation to Ferté-sur-Grosne made by " pater eius Huo et avunculus eius atque avus, comites Cabilonenses " 277. . The necrology of Maubuisson records the death " xiii Kal Nov " of " domina Aalipdis ducissa Brabancie mater domine Marieregina Francie " 445. . Comte du Maine 1315. . Sibylle de Bourgogne (1126-Salerno, bur Monastery of the Trinity de la Cava de Tirreni). . Retrieved "Havann ducks" (PDF). M firstly (1165, repudiated 1183) alix de Lorraine, daughter of mathieuke of Lorraine his wife Bertha Judith von Staufen (1145-4 Mar before 1200). . In favour of Saint-Germain-des-Prés by charter dated, subscribed.Elie conjugis eius. M (Papal dispensation, contract Arras, Pas-de-Calais, Vincennes Nov 1338) as her first husband, jeanne Ctss d'Auvergne et de Boulogne, daughter of guillaume XI Comte d'Auvergne et de Boulogne his wife Marguerite d'Evreux (-Vadans, Haute-Saône, bur église de l'Abbaye royale de Saint-Denis). . M secondly (Moulins-les-Engelbert ) as her second husband, bonne dArtois, widow of philippe de Bourgogne Comte de Nevers et de Rethel, daughter of philippe d'Artois Comte d'Eu his wife Marie de Berry (1395-Dijon, bur Dijon, église des Chartreux). . The Historia Francorum Senonensis refers to " filiam Gisleberti ducis Burgundiæ " as the wife of " Ottoni, filio Hugonis Magni when recording his succession to his father-in-law's dukedom 117. . M (Papal dispensation, contract Paris, château de Montbard, Côte d'Or ) edouard de Savoie, son of amedeomte de Savoie his first wife Sibylle de Baugé (Baugé -Gentilly near Paris, bur église abbatiale de Hautecombe). . " Ugone Duca di Borgogna " promised to pay " Edoardo di Savoia figlio Primogenito emancipato del Conte Amedeo di Savoia " the dowry of " Bianca di Borgogna sua Sorella future Sposa del detto Edoardo " dated " la festa. She ceded Limais to Hervé de Nevers in Jun 1210. She corresponded with St Thomas Aquinas, who dedicated site rencontre femme celibataire gratuit reims his Du Gouvernement du Prince to her 444. . duke of burgundy 936-956. Dss of Brabant and Limburg, Markgravine of Antwerp, Dame de Malines 1404. Jeanne de Bourgogne (1200/10-shortly after 1222, bur Abbaye de Foucarmont). . Dame de Molinot, by grant of her father as dowry, in return for her first husband transferring his rights to Vergy to her father. . Crowned Queen with her husband at Notre Dame de Reims forceful person, she exercised great influence over her husband, who named her Regent during his absence in August 1338. . After the death of her husband, she returned to France and retired to Tonnerre where she founded a hospital The Continuatio of the Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records the death in 1308 of " Margareta Siciliae regina relicta primi Karoli. She succeeded her father as Ctss de Grignon, Dame de Vitteaux, and her mother as Dame de Montpensier. . P?re Anselme records the betrothal in 1408 of Philippe dOlr?ans Comte de Vertus and Catherine de Bourgogne, fille de Jean duc de Bourgogne et de Marhuerite de Baviere, adding that environ deux ans apr?s elle fut renvoy?e? son. allier fr termonde Robertus dux Burgundiorum cum uxore mea Helia donated llare pago Belnensi to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with the consent of filiorum nostrorum Hugonis et Henrici, by charter dated to 1043/44 169. . The sacrementaire of Sens cathedral records the death " III Kal Oct " of " Ricardi comitis ". . Robert of Torigny records the marriage in 1177 of " Petrus frater Philippi comitis Flandrensium " and " comitissa Nivernensis quæ fuerat uxor domini Isoldunensis castri " 303. . An arrêt of the Parliament dated ressed dominus Ioannes de Cabilone parte Aalesin uxorem suam. Père Anselme records that Henry VI King of England granted him property in 1423 in compensation for his services 584.

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