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Spécial Hommes seuls (Hétéros ou bis). The suppression option is included for completeness, although this is only visible to users with oversight access. If a page is later undeleted, data that was deleted with RevisionDelete will still remain deleted. Text that exists in numerous revisions (e.g. Libertine, je vous initierez au raffinement du plaisir à létat brut. Les belles images du passé, interactivite Appel à contributions Internet est-il vraiment le monde de l'interactivité? Deletion mandated by a decision of the Arbitration Committee. Appeal and discussion of actions Actions performed using this tool remain visible in the public logs. Leave non-harmful fields visible and give a clear reason for the removal.

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Grossly insulting, degrading, or offensive material that has little or no encyclopedic or project value and/or violates our biographies of living people policy. Un plan à trois, poupée, accompagnatrice distinguée, maîtresse autoritaire, anniversaire pimenté, échangiste, je madapterais à vos fantasmes dans un secret entre vous et moi. Oversightable information see separate section below for criteria. At times the Arbitration Committee may determine that a logged item was sufficiently improper that the record should be formally deleted in the public log. Non-contentious housekeeping including correction of clear and obvious unintended mistakes in previous redactions, changes to redaction based upon communal discussion and clear consensus, adding information to the delete logs, and converting traditional selective deleted edits to RevisionDelete. If deletion is needed, only redact what is necessary (i.e. Log redaction Log redaction (outside of the limited scope of RD#2 for the creation, move, and delete logs) is intended solely for grossly improper content, and is not permitted for ordinary matters; the community needs to be able. Use of RevisionDelete by oversighters in "Suppression" mode is covered separately by the. For example, a smear could target a person known locally by a nickname or other allusion that no Wikipedia administrator has heard of, but that is recognizable to people in that school, town, or social community. annonce rencontre echangiste site de rencontre forum

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Users who have concerns about any particular use of RevisionDelete may ask any administrator to review the matter, but again administrators listed in that category may be particularly well placed to. Mon corps est comme un piano, les doigts doivent être agiles, caresser les touches, jouer andante puis allegretto, respecter les pauses et les soupirs; si vous êtes un artiste, je vous répondrez par la plus belle mélodie qui soit et l'harmonie sera présente!". (This has been reported but is not simple to fix.) If the edit to be revdel'd was not reverted in the edit immediately following it, all edits between it and its revert will contain the content of the edit. As with other administrative tools, good judgment and appropriate use are expected; improper use can lead to sanctions or desysopping. RevisionDelete can hide the text of a revision, the username that made the edit or action, or the edit summary or log summary.

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Large-scale use RevisionDelete is mainly intended for simple use and fairly recent material. Only administrators can see the material when it is RevisionDeleted (and before oversight but even so it may sometimes be more discreet to contact oversighters directly, and not use RevDelete first. Material must be grossly offensive, with little likelihood of significant dissent about its removal. When contacting editors about sensitive material, email is preferred to talk page messages, to avoid exposing information to more readers. Hiding of a username or IP should only be used where that username or IP has a reason in and of itself to be hidden, such as accidentally editing logged out or an attack username. Jaime et je connais bien les hommes (et aussi les femmes lol mes connaissances me disent pétillante et coquine.

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